Friday, 31 October 2014
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Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo crashes

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Fears for crew aboard Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo which suffered "anomaly" during a test flight over California Read more »

Corruption is not the problem with British aid

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We should be spending our money on tackling the real problems in the developing world - if we can, says Rob Crilly Read more »

Thousands cheer downfall of Burkina Faso's leader
Google fined over Street View image of woman's cleavage
Syria's refugees: Girls use photography to document life in the Zaatari camp
France finally upgrades animals from 'furniture' status
Mugabe accused of 'bedroom coup' as he prepares his wife for presidency
Evil clown phenomenon sparks police Halloween warning
Survivalist accused of killing Pennsylvania police officer appears in court
Roman Polanski to risk extradition to direct in Poland

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Commercial Spaceship Crashes During Test Flight

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The Virgin Galactic Spaceship Two was undergoing a test flight when it crashed in the California Desert. The spaceship is designed to take tourists to space. Read more »

With Reports Of Doping, World Marathon Majors Postpones Awards Ceremony

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Rita Jeptoo, the accomplished marathoner who holds the course record at Boston, has reportedly tested positive for a banned substance. The Majors said it's awaiting a decision by the governing body. Read more »

Seeing Red During Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Why My Grandma Never Had A Pap Smear
Maine Judge Issues Order Restricting Nurse's Movements
No Joke: French Town Cracks Down On Clown Costumes After Attacks
The Creepiest Ghost And Monster Stories From Around The World
Israel Reopens Disputed Religious Site In Jerusalem To Worshippers
Burkina Faso's Military Takes Power After President Resigns
Lava Flow In Hawaii Spares Homes, But Threatens To Cut Off Community

Small business brand value is more than the Q factor

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Have you noticed that every new on-air person hired by a TV network looks like a soap opera actor? They’re all young and pretty. We’re left to think that non-beautiful people need not apply. That is, unless you’re familiar with a certain marketing measurement. Marketing Evaluations Inc. is the proprietor of Read more »

How Virtual Reality Could Transform Society
One Direction Tickets For "On The Road Again Tour" 78% Above "Where We Are"
'MasterChef Junior' Champion And Judge Preview Season 2
Gainful Employment Targets For-Profits; Not-For-Profits Free to Continue Failing
Why Digital Paper Is Killing Efficiency and How To Stop It

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Virgin Galactic Spaceship EXPLODES ... Pilot Dead

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Source: A Virgin Galactic spaceship exploded during a test flight Friday in the California desert  ... leaving one crew member dead and another severely injured.Virgin Galactic says their SpaceShipTwo experienced "an in-flight anomaly" after it…

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Cleveland Cavs -- Launch Internal Investigation ... Why Was Gatorade Poured Into Powerade Bottle?
TMZ Staff Halloween -- Roger Goodell, Bynes and Lorde ... Ya, Ya, Ya
Michael Buble -- Honors NHL Star Geno Odjick ... 'Best Hockey Fighter EVER'
Casey Kasem -- Lawsuit Over Who Gets HUGE Life Insurance Check
Amanda Bynes Makes it Rain in Hotel Lobby

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Beauty & Health
Maine Judge Rejects Ebola Quarantine for Nurse

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Source: Less than a day after restricting the movements of a nurse who had treated Ebola victims in West Africa, the judge decided against quarantining her. Read more »

Well: The Workout: Running While Pregnant
From Governors, a Mix of Hard-Line Acts and Conciliation Over Ebola
Well: Low Vitamin D Tied to Asthma Attacks
Maine Judge Orders Ebola Quarantine for Nurse
Clinique Launches Their First Ever Concept Store: The Great Skin Lab

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