Thursday, 20 November 2014
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Republicans promise to fight Obama\'s immigration plans

11.20.2014 11:10   3 views   0 comments

Republicans are united in opposition to the President but unclear on how to fight back Read more »

Eight dead as New York State battles \'catastrophic\' snowstorms

11.20.2014 10:58   3 views   0 comments

More than seven feet of snow is dumped on Buffalo in just three days thanks to meteorological phenomenon known as \'lake effect\' Read more »

Arab workers sacked across Israel following Palestinian terror attacks
Queen Rania: Isil want to send us back to the \'Dark Ages\'
Argentina rules all public transport must state: \'The Falklands are Argentina\'
Prince Harry rides to victory in Abu Dhabi charity polo match
Suspects accused of British backpacker murders plea for family\'s help
Australia\'s \'most corrupt politician\' is finally charged
Venice seeks to ban noisy suitcases on wheels
Krakow: 'defaced by the debauchery and drunkeness' of British stag parties

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The CIA Wants To Delete Old Email; Critics Say \'Not So Fast\'

11.20.2014 11:29   3 views   0 comments

The CIA plan calls for deleting the email of almost all employees after they leave the agnecy. But opponents say this would erase too many important documents. The example they cite: Edward Snowden. Read more »

FIFA To Review World Cup Corruption Report

11.20.2014 11:07   2 views   0 comments

The decision reopens for scrutiny the mechanism by which Russia and Qatar were awarded the tournament in 2018 and 2022. The two countries were cleared last week of corruption in their winning bids. Read more »

So What Is An \'Executive Action\' Anyway?
How Well Do Your Apps Protect Your Privacy?
Takata Quality Official Apologizes Over Air Bag Defect Linked To Deaths
Soda Companies Step Up Their Marketing To Black And Latino Kids
A Worry In Theory, Medical Data Privacy Draws A Yawn In Practice
Mike Nichols, Award-Winning Director Of 'The Graduate,' 'Silkwood,' Dies
Duchess Of Alba, Spain's Richest Woman, Dies At 88
An NPR Photographer Looks Ebola In The Eye

The Definitive Guide to Washington Policy-Making: The Next Two Years Are About Election 2016

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Even though the words policy and politics sound a lot alike and share a Greek origin, in practice they are usually quite different.  Running for office is not the same as governing.  E.J. Dionne argues in his classic book Why Americans Hate Politics that this very difference is a key part of voters’ frustration.  Candidates come out of their seats in government every two or four years, make a lot of loud campaign arguments and promises, and then return to office doing nothing about anything they campaigned on. Read more »

What's On Millennials' Minds In 2014
President Obama To Move Ahead With Immigration Reform By Executive Order
Democrat Leaders Just Don't Get It
Warning: More Good Obamacare News Reported Here-May Not Be Suitable For All ACA Detractors
Russian Forces Moving Into Ukraine

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Of Bondage And Business Management: How The Internet Turned Kink Into An Industry

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I have always suspected that what now passes for kink used to just be called sex. After 20 years of living with the mass Internet, sexual experimentation has become a specialist racket, a place one visits if one can afford the gear, like a scuba diving vacation in the Caribbean. The times have made us bizarrely conservative as a precondition to selling us back normalcy as if it were an exotic good. is among the biggest industrial authorities on sexual deviance. Famously run from the abandoned Armory building in San Francisco\'s Mission District, the company began under the name in a dorm room at Columbia University in 1997. Peter Acworth was in his first year of a PhD program in finance and decided to mix his interests in bondage and business management. Read more »

You\'re Too Nice To Be A Great Leader (And That\'s Okay)
First ArtPrize Dallas Slated For 2016
Three Strategies to Make an Entrepreneurial City
Like Senate Bill, No Obamacare In President\'s Immigration Order
Bad News For State Public Pension Plans

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