Friday, 22 May 2015
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Ireland could make history with gay marriage referendum, in pictures

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In pics: Ireland could become the first country to vote for same-sex marriage in a referendum Read more »

Japan's First Lady visits controversial Tokyo war shrine

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Akie Abe risks raising tensions with China and South Korea after posting Facebook photographs of herself at Yasukuni, where war criminals are among the names remembered Read more »

Why do British universities still give 'scientific' credibility to homeopathy?
Syrian rebels use Nazi weapons in battle for Idlib
US admits killing two children in Syria air strikes
Freddie Gray: Grand jury indicts six officers
Crocodile and hippo fight for wildebeest
Western allies split on action against Isil
Boy Scouts of America chief: 'allow gay scout leaders'
Islamic State militants tear down poster of Bashar Assad as Palmyra 'infiltrated'

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Millions Of Dollars In Speech Fees Support Clinton Foundation

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Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to talk to banks, universities and other groups, and give the proceeds to the family's philanthropic foundation. Read more »

Grand Jury Indicts 6 Baltimore Officers In Freddie Gray\'s Death

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Prosecutor Marilyn J. Mosby said at a news conference that the officers will be arraigned July 2. The charges against them are mostly similar to those announced May 1. Read more »

Maryland Joins States That Won\'t Test New Drivers For Parallel Parking
#MotorCityDrive: Is Detroit\'s Economic Engine Roaring Back To Life?
China Kicks Off \'Great Leap Forward\' On The Soccer Field
Chew On This: The Science Of Great NYC Bagels (It\'s Not The Water)
White House Ban On Militarized Gear For Police May Mean Little
Head Of Boy Scouts Says Group\'s Ban On Gay Adults \'Unsustainable\'
Coded Talk About Assisted Suicide Can Leave Families Confused
A Toilet In Every Home: Zambians Celebrate Sanitation Milestone

Congress Must Act On Patent Reform

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In a week dominated by talk of the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, a deadly train derailment, and the various campaigns for president, Congress has quietly taken up a subject we should all be following: patent reform. Read more »

Seven Things College Women Should Know For Life After Graduation
Book Review: The Floating Kilogram, "The Federalist Papers For A Gold Standard"
What Shot Does A Candidate Who's Never Held Government Office Have At The Nomination?
The Cashless Society -- Contemplating The Ultimate Surrender To Government Control
Is Marco Rubio Out Of Touch With Americans On Foreign Policy?

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Infant Medical Equipment, Landscaping Entrepreneurs Are Among China's Newest Billionaires

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China’s big stock rally is continuing to mint new billionaires and billionaire families in the country, home to the world’s second-largest collection of the two after the United States.  New members to join that elite group in recent days include the following people: Read more »

Bright Ideas: On Demand Service Apps Making Your Life Almost Too Easy
Townsend Bell\'s \'Robert Graham Special\' Is Coolest Car At Indy 500. But Can It Win?
AMFAR Cinema For Aids Benefit at the Hotel Du Cap Features the Ultimate Auction Items
How Can Tiny Samoa Dominate The NFL?
Scenes from the Rolling Stones\' Secret Show: 5 Things Every Act Can Learn From Mick and Keith

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Beauty & Health
CVS Health Agrees to Buy Omnicare in $12.7 Billion Deal

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Source: The deal is expected to expand CVS’s prescription drugs business for long-term care facilities as it seeks to capitalize on the aging U.S. population. Read more »

$1.6 Billion Is Offered to Hospitals in Florida
Food Companies Fear Bird Flu May Cause Egg Shortages
Well: How a Childhood Vaccine Reduces Risk of a Cancer
Well: Living With Cancer: Patients on Our Own
Well: Documenting My Patients’ Next of Kin

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