Saturday, 20 September 2014
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Sierra Leone Ebola burial team attacked despite lockdown

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Armed police chase off attackers targeting team conducting burials in Ebola hit Sierra leone as small groups defy three-day national lockdown Read more »

White House security raised after breach and second arrest

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Questions about the security procedures at the White House raised after intruder made it inside executive mansion and a second arrested at the gates for trespassing Read more »

Isil hostage timeline
Head of human rights charity accused of leading double life as terrorist fundraiser
How Qatar is funding the rise of Islamist extremists
'Our nations must work together to stop this cancer in all its forms'
'We cannot cope. The demand is huge': Liberia's doctors warnings on Ebola
French military video shows airstrikes against Islamic State in Iraq
UK will give £12m to Calais in a bid to stop hundreds of migrants reaching Britain
Moment man jumped White House fence caught on camera

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Afghan Rivals Prepare To Sign Power-Sharing Agreement

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Tags: Sick

The country's presidential election, which has been disputed for months, may finally be coming to an end. The two candidates are expected to sign a deal tomorrow that would create a unity government. Read more »

When The U.S. Backs Rebels, It Doesn't Often Go As Planned

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Tags: When, Syrian

As the U.S. begins to arm and train Syrian rebels, here's a look at the very mixed record of U.S. support for rebel movements from Angola to Afghanistan. Read more »

Ravens Fans Line Up To Trade In Ray Rice Jerseys At Stadium
Calif. School District Will Get Rid Of Controversial Armored Vehicle
Pope Names A Moderate To Be Chicago's New Archbishop
Texas Gubernatorial Candidates Go The Border To Court Voters
Workers Hand Out Soap And Advice As Sierra Leone Locks Down
White House Alarm: Man Jumps Fence, Enters Residence
Dozens Of Turkish Hostages Freed, As ISIS Advances In Syria
Pope Appoints Moderate As Archbishop Of Chicago

Innovation Caused The Obesity Epidemic- Will It Also Reverse It?

09.19.2014 14:49   292 views   0 comments
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The growth of obesity is a result of beneficial innovations that raised productivity in agriculture and other labor-intensive sectors which thereby lowered the price of calories and raised the cost of expending them. Medical innovation may be the most promising response to fight the epidemic, rather than futile private- and public sector attempts to improve people’s diet and physical activity. Read more »

The Scottish Vote: What It Means For All Of Us
Busted! McCain And Graham Were Dead Set Against Boots On Ground Before Insisting On U.S. Ground Troops To Fight ISIL
The Obama Economy vs. The Reagan Economy: It's Literally No Contest
Containing Ebola Outbreak Requires American Leadership
President Shows Real Leadership in ISIL Battle

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Teen Entrepreneur Megan Grassell Used Her Frustration To Fuel A Business

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Tags: Tech, When, Full

When the retail industry failed to meet Megan Grassell’s expectations, she didn’t get mad. Instead, she got busy and became resolute, by honing the characteristics that can help every business succeed. Read more »

Latest Accounts Show Financial Times Have Changed For Arsenal
The New Oculus VR Headset Makes The Virtual Seem Real
Social Good Summit: How will we create a better world by 2030?
Why the New California Film Tax Credit is a Hill of Beans for Independent Films
In Return To Races, California Chrome Loses to Speedy Bayern

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Bits Blog: Former Hampton Creek Executive Says He Will Not Advise Company

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Tags: With, Bits, Says, Former

The discrepancy between the accounts of Hampton Creek and Ali Partovi, a top executive who left after nine days on the job, suggests that the split between the two was not as amicable as the company has said publicly. Read more »

Bits Blog: Pass the Word: The Phone Call Is Back
Zenefits’ Leader Is Rattling an Industry, So Why Is He Stressed Out?
Dancing With the Start-Ups
Corner Office: Steven Mollenkopf of Qualcomm: If You Don’t Know, Just Say So
Bits Blog: Making Big Data Think Bigger

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Gabrielle Union -- I'm Calling the FBI Over Leaked Topless Pics

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Tags: Wall, Over

Gabrielle Union says she was the victim of a digital hate crime ... after some topless photos she sent to Dwayne Wade somehow leaked onto the internet -- and now her legal team will be contacting the FBI.Union and Wade released a joint…

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Jameis Winston -- SENT BACK TO LOCKER ROOM ... After Taking Field In Full Pads
'Desperate Housewives' Actress Dead -- Polly Bergen Dies at 84
LeBron James -- Rocks $50k Watch ... To Hollywood Nightclub
Dennis Rodman -- I'm NOT Meeting With ISIS
'Dancing' Judge to Lolo Jones -- 'S**t Happens ... Move On!'

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